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Vision Mission

Aims and Objectives of the CBFCL: 

  • To buildup friendship between the citizens of the People’s Republic of China and those of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  • To share the knowledge and innovative ideas between two nations by organizing cultural shows, business exhibitions, seminars, symposiums, exchange programs, exchanging delegates etc.
  • To promote business, cultural activities, studies, and research between two nations by enhancing bilateral understanding and goodwill
  • To Develop ICT using Online and Print Media and to arrange joint publications on the national days of both the nations
  • To arrange language and other professional training courses for both Bangladeshi and Chinese nationals and to stand beside the citizens of both the countries as a unique support center to cater their various needs
  • To ensure the basic rights of the Chinese people living in Bangladesh and the Bangladeshi people living in China
  • To support meritorious students by arranging scholarship and other supports from the authorities
  • Encouraging and recognizing Professionals, Businessmen, Students & Parents through CBFCL Awards
  • To take care of the existing bilateral issues and to take part in the future issues, agreements, bargaining between two nations for the mutual interests and benefits. In this regard, maintaining close relationship with the embassies of China and Bangladesh
  • To set up the CBFCL-Institute of Professional Development Alternative (CIPDA) to support the human resource development of two nations
  • To set up a Chinese International University in Bangladesh